Pancakeswap Sniper

The Sniper is a pro feature, which carries a high risk for inexperienced traders. When making use of the sniper, please make note of the following considerations:
  • New tokens are inherently risky investments, you are responsible for doing your own research on new tokens.
  • During new token launches for highly popular listings, you may be competing against other users of the Sniper. Snipes will be processed from highest to lowest WBST holdings.
  • takes no responsibility for the price at which your order goes through.
  • If the token you are sniping has a transaction limit you may need to place multiple snipe orders to ensure your buy amount does not exceed the limit or your snipe will fail.
  • If the token you are sniping has had a presale please be aware there is likely already a lot of holders with large amounts of the token bought at a lower price than the listing price who may choose to sell instantly.
  • The sniper only works for BNB - Token liquidity.
  • You can cancel orders anytime , but fee is not refunable.
  • You will auto receive token after transaction complete.
  • The Bitsten team accepts no responsibility for your use of the sniper.
I understand the risks of sniping new tokens.
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